Online Bingo vs. Bingo Halls: The Differences Explained


Are online bingo games rigged?

Playing bingo on the internet is slightly different from enjoying your favourite pastime at a land-based venue. One of the most obvious differences is that you can’t see the balls as they are being drawn at bingo websites. Instead, a random-number-generating software solution comes up with the numbers for you, which could make you wonder whether it’s possible for the online or mobile bingo destination to be fixing games and taking your money. But random number generators are controlled by third parties to make sure that the numbers come out in a completely random pattern. If the site which you’re playing on uses an RNG, you can rest assured that the game isn’t fixed.

Which bingo site is the best?

Given that all bingo sites are slightly different, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to this question. However, here’s a piece of advice – when looking for the best real money bingo site, make sure to consider the bonus offers, software providers, payment methods, support channels, safety and security standards, and the availability of mobile platforms.

Is online bingo safe?

Before you open an account at an online bingo website, you should make sure that it’s trustworthy. We suggest you do so by checking whether the bingo app or site that caught your eye has a gambling license. Not only are licenses used to prove that an online gambling destination offers real money prizes, but they also show that the technology is safe and secure for customers. In this context, the online bingo vs. bingo halls comparison may lead you to conclude that land-based venues seem to be a much better choice at first glance. However, playing at a fully licensed and regulated online bingo destination is just as safe.