Bingo Calls: Traditional and Modern Ways of Calling Out Bingo Numbers


What are the bingo sayings?

In the world of bingo, people associate certain phrases with each of the 90 bingo numbers. These include funny rhymes and pop culture references.

How do you call bingo funny?

Bingo is a fun game, but seasoned players take things to another level with the lingo they use. These are short phrases and rhymes that players shout out when a number is called, such as “3, cup of tea.” This adds an extra dose of fun to every game of bingo. If a player makes up a rhyme that’s especially funny, an outburst of laughter is guaranteed.

What is the bingo call for 21?

For 21, bingo players usually respond with “royal salute,” a reference to the 21-gun salute. The other call is “key of the door,” as 21 refers to the traditional age when young people moved out of their parent’s home.

What is bingo lingo?

When a game is as popular as bingo, a lingo develops over time. Bingo players have their own witty and funny phrases that they say when a number is drawn. Every single number has an accompanying phrase, and the more you know, the more fun you’ll have at your next bingo night as you join fellow players in shouting out the rhymes.

What is 49 PC in bingo?

Among the many bingo calls, PC is the nickname used for the number 49. It dates back to the mid-1940s and early 1950s when a show about a police constable Archibald Berkeley-Willoughby aired on the radio. The show was called The Adventures of PC 49.