The Different Bingo Games of the World


What are the different types of bingo games?

The most common bingo games are UK Bingo (Housie) with 90 balls, American bingo with 75 balls, speed bingo with 30 balls, and online bingo that uses 80 balls. Additional bingo rules can change these games up a bit, like requiring players to hit specific patterns instead of going for the full house, or introducing different jackpots that carry over each game, so players have an incentive to play multiple rounds in one sitting. The ever-popular Road Trip bingo is a variant of American bingo, for example, as the cards share the same layout.

How can I make bingo more fun?

In our personal opinion, bingo is already tons of fun, and the different types of bingo keep this classic game fresh. That would be our #1 tip – try out different variations of the game. If you’re playing at home or organising a party, you can try making an edible bingo set where players snack on numbers instead of crossing them out. Savoury or sweet, your choice. Speaking of parties, creating a theme for your bingo night is a great way to elevate the atmosphere, as well as introducing your own variants or some unique prizes for the winners.

How many different combinations are there in bingo?

All variations of bingo offer different ways to win, and obviously, introduce a different number of possible combinations. No matter which type of game you play, that number will always be multiple times higher than the number of players and bingo strips purchased. For example, a 75-ball variant has 552 septillion combinations, meaning that even if every person on Earth bought a hundred tickets, nobody would end up having the same card.

How many games are in a bingo session?

In a bingo hall, you can expect at least three hours of bingo fun; typically, you’ll get to play 10-15 games. Of course, different bingo games have varying sessions, but the usual bingo night consists of a few warm-up or low-stakes games, followed by a set of “main event” games, and then a few more low-stakes rounds for the fashionably late crowd. A bingo night is an event, with announcers, intermissions, and music. Of course, when playing online, you can stack as many rounds as you wish, while TV bingo usually has one main game and a few extra games for bonus rewards.