Lotto playing guide: Understanding the lucky numbers


Is there a pattern to winning lottery numbers?

While we’d love to tell you there is a surefire way to always win when playing Lotto, the reality is that the game is completely random. Some players like to put in dates or other numbers that are important to them, others like to make a pattern, or avoid the middle column.

How many numbers do you need to win the lotto?

Depending on the game, it’s anywhere from two to seven numbers. Usually, a free lotto “lucky dip” is rewarded for getting two numbers right, while six numbers are needed for a jackpot. Be sure to familiarize yourself on how to play the lottery of your choice before paying for a ticket, as some have better odds and prizes than others.

What do you get for three numbers on the lotto?

Since most lotteries require you to guess five or six numbers for a jackpot, matching just three numbers won’t make you rich. The prize can be anywhere from £30 to £1,000. On a rare occasion, matching three numbers might get you just enough cash to pay for another game. We highly advise against playing those lotteries.

How do you play the lotto?

The shortest possible lotto playing guide can be summed up into three steps – choose your lucky numbers, pay for the ticket, and wait for the lotto draw. It’s that simple. Hence why millions of people love this game.