Women and Gambling: Why Do So Many Women Play Bingo?


Is bingo gambling?

Since it is a game of chance, yes: Bingo is rightly classified as a type of gambling. Nonetheless, it is considered a “soft” form of gambling (like coin pushers and teddy grabbers), with many jurisdictions seeing it legally as a social activity first and a game of chance second. As a result, compared to other forms of gambling, bingo is subject to very few restrictions, including in the UK.  

Do you have to be 18 or over to play bingo?

In the UK, the general rule is that you have to be 18 or over to play bingo. The exceptions to this are bingo games that have low stakes or are non-commercial, in which case the legal age is lowered to 16. Similar laws apply across the pond in many jurisdictions within the United States and Canada. 

Do men play online bingo?

While it’s certainly true that there are many more female bingo players, this doesn’t mean male players are non-existent. Many men like to play bingo, just as women like to play blackjack and poker. There are no gender restrictions on these games, nor should there be. Furthermore, among older generations who still play in physical bingo halls, the game is widely loved by both men and women.

Who are some famous female bingo players?

A lot of famous female figures love bingo, including Catherine Zeta Jones, Denise Van Outen, Kate Moss, and the head of the Commonwealth herself, HM Queen Elizabeth II. Indeed, the link between women and gambling is much stronger than you may have realised.