Is Online Bingo Fixed?


Is online bingo a con?

No. The fairness of online bingo games on licensed and reputable bingo sites is ensured by a random number generator that produces results that can’t be predicted or rigged. There’s nothing inherently dangerous or shady about online bingo – these sites can be as fair and safe as their brick-and-mortar counterparts.

Can you cheat at online bingo?

No, you can’t. The outcomes of all bingo games are entirely random, so cheating the program is next to impossible. Employing a clever bingo strategy is always a better option.

What are the chances of winning online bingo?

To find out whether you can expect fair online bingo on any new site, check the RTP percentage and see how much money is paid out in winnings and what percentage is retained by the house. Next, calculate your bingo odds by dividing the number of cards you’re playing with by the total number of bingo tickets. The more bingo players, the lower your chances of winning.

Can a bingo app be rigged?

No, if we’re talking about reputable and licensed online casinos, as all of them employ RNG software to determine the outcome of each draw. Read our “Is online bingo fixed?” article to find out more about how bingo sites ensure the fairness of the games they offer.