How To Play Slingo? – A Quick Guide to Success


How do you play Slingo games?

Slingo is a fun and popular game that draws players worldwide. It’s all about spinning the slot reels and trying to match the numbers from the reels to those you have on the bingo card. In addition to numbers, Slingo also features some special symbols to help you out during the game. The game wants you to cross off all twenty numbers you have on your card and do it within twenty spins.

How do you win Slingo?

To win this game, you need to accumulate points while trying to tick off as many matching numbers as you can. Each spin at Slingo awards you with a number of points, and you can get them for cleaning the lines or getting one of the special symbols: Jokers or Super Jokers.

How does Slingo work?

Slingo allows players to get the best of two worlds: bingo and slots. It is a combination of  75-ball bingo and a classic slot machine. At Slingo, players try to match the numbers they have on the card to those displayed on the reels. If you wish to learn all about how it works and how to play Slingo, check out our comprehensive guide above.